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nzart.jpgNew Zealand Artists and their work
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LANDSCAPES . COASTAL . ACRYLIC . IMPRESSIONISM PHOTOGRAPHY and MANY MORE CATEGORIES. Excellent site for brief biographies of NZ artists, samples of their work and information about NZ s and Art Schools.

World Renowned Artists
****The ARTs****
mona.JPGYear 8 - 13
This is an awesome site created by the BBC. It has online picture galleries, interactive and digital links, art reviews and external links to Guggenheim, MOMA, Baltic & Tate Modern. Terrific.
[[|]]**Impressionism Gallery**
View art by Impressionists such as Manet, Degas and Van Gogh.
********Turner Gallery********
Turner pushed the boundaries of painting - view some of his most popular paintings.

Primary Art
Splash around with paint. 'Primary Art' aims to support Year4-6 attainment target 'Investigating and Realising'.