Digital Learning Objects

A range of 'Learning Objects' has been developed to support student's learning in specific areas. Each school needs to join up to the Digistore repository @ TKI to access these.
Check with your Principal for your school's username and password. If you haven't registered do it NOW.
Link to Registration Form
Once your school is registered you can use your school's username and password to access a developing wealth of handy digital teaching resources. These are all made especially for Australian and NZ teacher's use eg. video, interactive learning games, audio etc. Almost all curriculum areas are covered with developing material coverage for Year 0 -13.
This link takes you straight to the subject area list - where you can browse curriculum areas and search for subject specific activities. You will need to login on the side bar for full access. Get to know what's available to help you provide your students with engaging activities and opportunities for deeper learning.
If its not in here yet then there's a need for it make up your own activity to address the need and share it !