Great Animal Sites for Reading Lessons :)

Tree Octopus

Dog Island

QUICK - Quality Information Checklist Go to this site, explore each of these checklist ideas and do the QUICK Quiz. (Also checkout the ABC's of Web literacy).

WHICH of these sites best did you find most effective in helping you develop a better understanding of web literacy ?

"Think Before You Post !" Is good advice for all ....

Once we post messages, media, images .... anything on the internet it becomes 'public' property. We are living in a global society of creative-swipers. Yes, we know all about the nastiness of plagiarism and we say we believe in intellectual property, but after any work has been copied, tweaked and passed around a few times ... it's difficult to determine the actual origin without careful research. We need our students to consider the ethical questions that arise out of internet use and to understand that there are consequences to thoughtless and naive postings...
The Bulletin Board

Great video clip to provoke thought about WHAT may be unsuitable to upload to the internet and HOW information may be used in un- anticipated ways. Students rarely consider outcomes - so best to start discussion around these topics.

differentiate.gifKidsafe Search Engines

Handy WEB SITES FOR KIDS - Safe Searching Sites at appropriate reading levels !
Check these out to see which would make a great default search engine for your students.

YOU choose the class Search Page ! Set it up on your classroom computers: Open Internet Explorer > Go to the site you want as the Home Page > Copy the URL from the address bar > Click on "TOOLS" on the tool bar > Scroll down to "INTERNET OPTIONS" >. Under the "General"Tab it shows the current Home Page. Paste the new URL address in to replace it.> Save.

**Yahooligans!** - Designed for Web surfers ages 7 to 12. Sites selected by the YAHOO! Inc. staff.
**Kidsclick** A database of over 6400 sites compiled by librarians. All reading levels.
**The Awesome Library** - Provides resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality for children.
Awesome Library for Kids (SOS)
AOL Parental Controls
**Ask for kids**Lovely site, designed for kids, answers are filtered for appropriateness.
Any Questions - A NZ site where children are linked with the resources they need to help them. An online librarian is available during the week throughout the school year.
Quintura kids Helps kids refine one word searches by offering more specific options.

characters.gif**Kids Search Tools**
A collection of 16 search sites for kids with the query boxes all on one page.
Little Explorers - Online picture dictionary
The WEB is a big place.Some wonderful kidsafe search engines have been developed over the past 10 years to support children's online inquiry. They can easily be set as your classroom default if needed -try these out.



Teach Netsafety

card_information.gif ****Netsafe****Great site for information about cybersafety. Links to articles about contemporary issues, TXT phones, MSN, age group use etc - with practical ideas & downloadable posters. Also includes links to lesson plans and resources. Worth a look.Lesson Plans for cyber safety
**(On-line Privacy) – Year 0 -2**
**(On-line Privacy) – Year 3 –4**
**(On-line Privacy) – Year 5-6**

Hectors World – Safety site with video – “Details, details…” Hector Protector® is a bottlenose dolphin who gets sensible advice from Kui the Whale. Hector and other Undersea Animated Creatures discuss giving out information about themselves on the internet.

Disney's Surf Swell Island

- Interactive Internet Safety Site - The Surf Swell Island site is a quiz-driven adventure game. Internet safety material is presented in a series of three games, each featuring a classic Disney character and focusing on an area of concern: privacy, viruses, or netiquette (guidelines for behavior on the Internet). Each of the three games is followed by a mini-quiz reinforcing what was presented in the game. The exciting Challenge of Doom mega-quiz brings together the content from the first three games. Answering correctly gives children access to a collection of fun Surf Swell-themed activities located in the password-protected Treasure Palace. Woven throughout the Surf Swell Island site are visual and written references to wireless devices, particularly handheld PCs. although good behavior on the Internet is the same regardless of how you are connecting, we felt it was important to acknowledge the wireless movement, because this simple fact may not be apparent to children.