Build your own resource collections: Sound, Images, Video.
Sound -Download mp3, , mp4, wav files. Images – google
Video – Download a video player eg. MIRO
Co-Construct Criteria – Build Assessment Rubrics
Rubric Formats -
Examine writing vocab
Skills: Development & Practice
Use interactive activities aligned with our NZC Use other’s resources
MSPaint Illustrations in Powerpoint, use images to springboard ideas, add voice & sound effects, use real scenarios, hyperlink research information to add depth
You are what you READ
Sort thinking using Smartart in Word/ Powerpoint.
Search for sites content at reading levels
Examine & read online book collections, folktales
Read blog posts,
websites, Establish a bookprint
Read & Respond
Read current news, Form & post comments
Insert MSpaint into powerpoint to explain & support ideas. Use video **** Create and describe creatures, characters, habitats ****
Use images & write briefly in many text boxes. Upload to Voicethread, add voice and draw on image or written work while explaining.
Use photos, generate Newspaper spreads
Identify use of adjectives, adverbs,verbs with nouns & photos. **** Explore forms: Limericks, Haiku, Cinquains & Freeverse ****
Use Photos consider, real , historical & fictional examples – research background information. Site references.
Comic Creations
Use for reading AND writing. ****