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Creating independence

How do we get our students to complete online work independently without interrupting us every few minutes for further instructions and problem -solving, hmmm ?
Some thoughts ...
Work with a learning buddy - more learning and problem-solving occurs with discussion. One student is hands on, one is hands off - then they swop over. Rule # 1 when they are helping someone - they can only direct them with their voice- not just take over the mouse and show them... develops oral explanation , listening and problem-solving skills etc
Make visual resources - What about good 'ole flip chart books. Perfect for visual learners at all levels. Take printscreen shots ( 'Prtsc' button is usually top right on keyboard) then paste the shot into word , sequence the pages they will encounter on screen and add arrows and simple instructions - don't make it too wordy. Laminate, punch hole in one corner and add a metal flip ring. Brilliant. Make up Maths and Reading activities to encourage independent use with junior groups. They love it.
Here's one developed by Sarah @ St Pats- (First go !) Sarah says help yourself ! :-D

Flip Chart Instructions

- Yr 1 - 4 pages to sequence and make into a self- help instruction booklet.

**Matter** - This is link to a wiki resource page developed by Room 10 @ St Pats (Year 7 & 8). Features are: a teacher developed powerpoint which gives useful explanations and uses De Bono's Hats to generate thinking and some well chosen learning links.

Fantastic Clipart

Check out this fantastic educational clipart - He has got some absolutely awesome and totally user friendly images with his comical characters.
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