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Units of work

One week units of work have been written for all three strands of the curriculum. There are also many short Problem Solving activities available. Click on the relevant link to be directed to units for your chosen strand.

Click on a year to view the NZ national curriculum and find practice skills. If you join and pay - you can record and track performance.
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Smartkiddies Maths -

Smartkiddiesmaths This is a great site for practical online activities, planning, video lessons, assessments etc Just join and set up your class activities.


NZMATHS- Home page.

It's all in here ! Resources, links and relevant information for NZ teachers.

Number Strategies Units of Work || Geometry and Measurement || Statistics || Problem Solving ||

Maths Digital Learning Objects from NZMaths
When you get to the site (link above) - just select a strand or level from the table below to display the related Learning Objects. Choosing a cell from within the table will display the Learning Objects at that strand AND level. The image below is just a picture !

Equipment Animations from NZMaths

Counting, Additive, Multiplicative, Proportional - Animations for teachers which show HOW ideas and startegies can be employed to teach identified concepts. Worth a look !

Teaching Numeracy

Numeracy Project - Material Masters

Link to the activity templates for maths games and teaching resources from NUMPA.

Count_us_in.JPGCount Us In
Number Games -Yr1- 4 Great for Juniors, drag your laptop down to the mat with your learning groups (Donna:).
15 well designed interactive activities to reinforce concrete experiences...
(From Lyn O'Callaghan - Kimihia)

Video Game Download
Bigbrainz - Fantastic Interactive Multiplication video game. Teachers free - download as many copies as you want for your school/class. Your kids will beg you to play this ! (Cushla Norris - Kimihia)

MathPlayground.JPGMaths_Playground_-manipulatives.JPGMaths Playground - Interactive Activities

Word Problems Maths Games

Word Problems - Good range of practical/visual strategies for solving these !

Interactive Activities - (Manipulatives) designed to address specific learning needs.
USA Student Skills,examples and tests

Great site with very good selection of activities to develop and apply strategies. Identified skills at each level (check them out against our levels). Specific Learning Objectives with examples and quiz's for students to test their understanding.


Woodlands Interactive Maths Games (Donna's Pick)

Well developed site with activities in all areas. Developed by Mandy Barrow from Woodlands School (UK).


Arcademic Skill Builders Maths -

Basic Facts Practice=
Great site for drill and practice. Practice basic facts by competing in vehicle races. Quickness and accuracy of recall drives the vehicle. Compete against self or others.
- Here's an example of a recording sheet students could use to show their progress each time they use the games. Just print it out and photocopy as needed. Alternatively, students could graph results :) (Donna)

Mathletics.JPGMathletics (NZ)

This site is highly recommended by both students and teachers to support personalised learning.
Self paced programme but site also provides global competitons etc. Students can play against other students.
Tasks accompanied with sound "How to ..." explanations (that students actually use!)

There is a free classroom trial - otherwise a 12 month subscription is needed (worthwhile).

Teaching Maths Concepts - Videos

Maths VideosWow. For a fantastic collection of well explained and visual maths instruction go to Teachertube and type 'Maths' in the search bar OR ...
Try the Studyzone videos in Teachertube. Excellent short videos explaining a wide variety of maths ideas - from Capacity to Prime numbers... aimed mainly at Yr 5 - 9.

Maths_is_Fun.JPGMaths is FUN

Maths is fun
This site is great for more able students. Have a look around and you will find something of use for whatever level you're working with.
Maths Is Fun Geometry
Maths Is Fun Algebra
Maths Is Fun Number
Maths Is Fun Data
Maths Is Fun Measurement

Illumination Maths (NEW :)
Excellent activities using 10 frames. Easy to manipulate.
Reinforcement activities which support Numpa objectives.
Students can move coloured counters to count , build, show and add .

Jigsaw Puzzles - Matching & Mouse Skills
(From Lyn O'Callaghan -Kimihia)

maths_train.JPG http://Mathtrain.TV Mathtrain.TV is a free educational "kids teaching kids" project from Mr. Marcos & his students at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, CA.
Kids make their own mini videos to teach a concept to other kids. Brilliant idea !!!! What better way to learn than to teach others.

Online Collection of Practice Worksheets or make your own (Year 0- 6)
Conversions - number algorithms etc. Pre-made printable worksheets, flashcards etc (Yes - with answers, if needed !)
Hosted by the "Lesson Plans Page".

  • A+ Maths Quick games to practice Mult. Div, Addition and Subtraction. Year 4- 6
  • Visit Dr Math for help with your maths questions and some useful links. This site has maths help for all levels.
  • Coolmath - Brilliant, bright attractive site filled with practice activities. Year 4- 6
  • The Maths Week site - Lots of maths games and fun stuff for maths week but great to use in any week. Check out the "Raining Money" game.

BBC_Skillswise.JPGBBC Numeracy Activities and Games

Number Time NE -Yr 2
KS1 Bitesize Mathematics NE -Yr 2
KS2 Bitesize Maths - Revise number, shape, space, measures and data handling.

All areas covered . Plenty of useful number activities (Visually attractive Hundreds Board which allows you to highlight patterns etc).
Recommended by Tracey :)

NRich - Problem Solving site.Used with the British numeracy project. Great for extension activities or whole class demonstration. New problems added every month and students can enter their solution. Past problem solutions are available. - posted by Tara

Interactive MathsThis site is really great if you have an interactive whiteboard or projector. Really clear explanations particularly of the strands. Just follow the link and put in your subject. I have only ever used the Maths resources. Let me know if you use any others.(posted my Aloma Williams)

Maths Primary Resources Great site for all ages to support number and strand learning experiences. It is UK based so be careful with some areas e.g. money. (John- Orini)