Bitesize Reading Activities (with video,interactive activities & text etc :)
Good for the reluctant readers or visual learners (RA 8-11). Really useful as you can EMBED the activity in your wiki or blog.From Sarah & Barbara

Storycove - great site! A wealth of stories (in movie form) from countries all over the world. Join for free. (Lyn)

Smartkiddies Literacy - Studyladder
This is a great aussie site. The Study ladder allows you to choose a category to explore and provides a range of online/interactive activities. (Rina)



Reading Comprehension Strategies- Into the Book
Reading Strategies from the USA (shared by Rob Haddock)
**Into the Book:** Reading Teaching Strategies including video examples of interaction with students, modelling ; Prior Knowledge, Making Connections,Questioning,Visualising, Inferring, Summarising, Evaluating,Synthesizing, Using Strategies Together

Inference - Critical Reading Great site for explanations of WHY we need to use particular strategies ie Inference.

Story & Character Development Maps
**Understanding Characters and Plotlines**

Reading_Maps.JPGLarge collection of Thinking Maps to help develop ideas and wider comprehension.


Starfall - Year 1-3 Learn to Read, Attractive Alphabet activities . Excellent reading activities, games, printouts etc British Site- I recommend the blend activities.

**Teaching and Learning Strategies**
Great advice and links to teacher resources to develop useful teaching stategies. All on TKI, tucked away under ESOL.


Ramp to ReadingWide range of Book Sites , Authors & Activities (American)
Heaps of resources to support reading development. Activities, author links, booklist book raps, book reviews. Good for seniors.

Leading To Reading
Leading To Reading
**** - is a site that provides free books and resources to children and families. The site, also available in Spanish, is split into three sections: Babies and Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Grown-Ups. The Babies and Toddlers sections offers stories, lullabies, and more. The Preschoolers section adds in sing-a-long videos, coloring pages, and wildlife exploration! The Grown-Ups section offers advice and articles on how to encourage literacy among children. No registration is required to access any of the materials provided on this site.

literactive.gif**** - Interactive and downloadable reading material for children in pre-school to first grade. Leveled readers, learning activities, worksheets, and ,electronic poetry and picture books. Road to Reading phonics program teaches children letter shapes/sounds and CVC vowels/revisions. To access and download first sign up. Free registration :).

mightybook.gif**** - Stories, songs, jokes, games, etc. This site is very easy to navigate, and the bright colors and adorable characters make it appealing to small children. There are 50 free activities on the home page that can be accessed without registering. If you are interested in registering, a variety of subscription plans are offered which would give you access to over 500 stories and activities.

Roy The Zebra
Roy The Zebra
**** - Great for emerging readers .Free interactive reading games, guided reading stories, songs, etc. Online guided reading stories with lesson plan resources for teachers such as literacy worksheets and discussions sheets. Supports development of a variety of literacy skills including letters, double consonants & vowel phonemes. Registration is not required to access any of the materials. **Progressions**


**** - Free educational materials for pre-school aged children in 4 different languages . Lessons are divided into 6 subject areas: Colors, Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Writing, and Words. The Play and Learn section provides activities for learning uppercase letters, lowercase letters, shapes, writing, keyboarding, etc. No registration required.

man1.jpgFamousPeople Reading Picture Books
Some Fun for children. I'm using to get my class to create a story reading video for younger children.

Primary_Resources.JPGEnglish - Primary Resources - Collection of Activities Yr 4 -8 (from Lisa Davidson- Kimihia)


Interviews with NZ childrens authors Interviews with NZ childrens authors, collected hrough the Christchurch City Libraries. Handy A-Z list of authors, answers to interview questions and links to their published books.


This information (Fact and Opinion, Summarising,Types of text, Scanning and Skimming) - is from the
BBC Skillwise site. This is a great site to visit for grammar, spelling,vocabulary
and listening skills activities, as well as the reading links below. Year 6-9
**Fact and Opinion**Need to find out the difference between **fact and opinion**? This module is here to help.

external image homepage_index_summarising.jpgSummarisingNeed to note important points from lengthy pieces of text? **Summarising** is useful for researching, gathering or presenting information.

external image game_index.gifTypes of textInformation about **types of text**. How can you tell if a text is descriptive, informative, instructional or persuasive?

external image game_index.gifScanningLooking for some specific information? Improve your reading by learning how to **scan** texts quickly.

external image game_index.gifSkimmingImprove your reading by learning how to **skim** texts quickly to see what they're about.

**Teaching Notes for Part 3/4 Journals** - Including access to Part 1 & 2
The new School Journal teachers’ notes for Parts 3 and 4 follow a similar format to those for Parts 1 and 2, but they are only available online. You can still download and print out copies of these notes from this website.

**Teaching and Learning Strategies**
Brilliant site ! Reading, writing, speaking listening vocabulary. All on TKI, tucked away under ESOL.

English Online
Units, professional reading, kidstuff. Recommended.

Rebus model of story writing - Use KidPix or HyperStudio
Yr 1 - 3

Starfall - Excellent reading activities, games, printouts etc British Site- I recommend the blend activities.
Year 1-3
A great site for teachers letter/sound knowledge and basic phonics. Easy to operate and perfect for Juniors.

Ready to Read Teacher Notes Teachers notes available for Ready to Read titles. Searchable by color wheel or title/ author. Notes also available as RTF documents for download and print (posted by Shannan, Orini Combined).
Crossword Puzzle site - Make you own quick puzzles with your own words and clues.

Sparkle box Full of literacy resources and activities (posted by Lorraine Orini Combined).