Cells Alive ! Ever wondered just how small cells are - compared to the head of a pin ? This site has a great animation of magnification. Heaps of cell information and useful links.

Heavens Above ! http://www.heavens-above.com/
First you have to exactly locate your position as an observer on the earth's surface. But they have a Google earth facility to work it all out on the site at 'Heaven's Above'. I made my location from the exact middle of my turning circle (visible on their Google Earth facility) where I would like to sit to watch the sky.Unbelievable! Then just study the web site and try to get to grips with the whole thing by reading all the little vocab links, and after an hour or two of messing about there, you start to get an appreciation of the amazing maths and geometry behind it all. They can predict exactly when the sun will send a mirrored flash off the antenna of a satellite to you at your location. They make really bright flares in the evening sky.The rewards are in using your new knowledge to go outside and view the iridium flares of the satellites if you have worked everything outcorrectly. When you see the flare - you have succeeded - instant self assessment !!! You can do far more than this of course - you can learn everything about the night sky in relation to your exact location on the globe in one amazing website. Star charts for your place! And all the timing is ideal for kids because all the iridium flare stuff is all happening around early evening - no late at night stuff except perhaps in the middle of the summer holidays when early nights are not so vital. A fantastic challenge for keen students and wonderful new words like azimuth, altitude, elevation, magnitude, iridium - which they will love using, and they will learn so quickly by using this web site. Everything they need to know to make sure they are looking at the exact spot in the sky where the flare will appear, is explained there. There are many who would not be interested and would find it all too difficult, but as an extension for the enthusiastic and bright sparks - what a resource! Tui Allen

Matter - This is link to a wiki resource page developed by Room 10 @ St Pats (Year 7 & 8). Features are: a teacher developed powerpoint which gives useful explanations and uses De Bono's Hats to generate thinking and some well chosen learning links.

**Electronic Circuits**Yr 5-9
Blobs guide. Great interactive activities to explain the use of electronic circuitry.

Animal Bodies
The Switch Zoo. A site about animal habitats and a game switching animal body parts.

Interactive Games
These are great - available on WickED. You'll need shockwave and flash plug-ins installed on your pc to view interactives, but these are quick and easy to download. Here's what's available on this site: Quiz it (General Science), Tui Time (Nature Adventure), Environmental ED (Pest effects on our forests), Crusty stuff (Earth's surface - How countries were made), Plate Action (Earth's Crusts in action), Rock Cycle (Rocks forming), The Lab (What the Earth is made of), Three in a Row (Heat & Pressure), Face your Sphere's (Descriptions of the Earth). Try these out then suggest year levels for them in the discussion page.

Science Links on WickED
A collection of Science links. Have a look !

Kiwi Conservation Club Yr 1- 9
Great resource for Living World Inquiries. NZ Plants and animals, particularly those under threat. Fact sheets, information,photo, diagrams and some activities.Recommended by Ruary.

Blood and Body Systems Years 6 -9 approx.

The functions, oxygen, sugar in the blood etc. Interactive game "keeping Ernie Alive" through students making choices about his actions and lifestyle etc.

Graphics Gallery Year 11 > I'm guessing - someone have a look and recommend the useful ones :-D

Looking for links to explanatory graphics -try this cool site. Hosted by Access excellence, the National Health Museum Resource Center (USA).

Table of Contents

From Gene to Function
Biological Engineering
Cell Processes

Building Blocks

Chromosomes and Cell Division

Tides - great video/ cartoon from Ignite learning