This is great for mind maps and as a 'sorting-out-your-thinking' type tool (graphic organiser). It can be used in a diagram form and the ideas translated into text. You can download a free trial, first. Its not too bad price wise and easy to use.

Great for younger students, Yr 0 - 6. Students build graphic organizers by combining pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information. Easy to download a free trial .

Software for Learning
Looking for software but don't know what ? This is an excellent site in TKI. Pages listing plenty of useful edsoftware with information . Click on the software title for a detailed explanation about the software purpose & use, it also supplies information on teacher support material and learning examples. To see a comparison of the format, focus areas, software types, publisher, and supplier for specific software, select the appropriate boxes and then the 'Compare' button. Recommended.