Sketch Up - This is a free download and a wonderful drawing programme. Have a look at my explanation and examples of classroom use with Yr 2-3 students in our Coalface wiki-Jnrs@Coalface. (Bev - Tahuna)

Scrapblog - a great publishing tool for written work. Just like scrap booking (similar look to Glogster and WIX) with handy templates if needed. Take a screen shot (Printscreen) and paste it into MS Paint, crop it and save as a jpeg .. then you can insert into word for further work, or into powerpoint or Photostory to make a video book of student's work. I've recently used it with my class to publish rhymes -"piratecurses ". Quick and effective. (Sandie -Tahuna)
A lot like Comic Life only free!!!!!! Check it out. I will give it a go in Term 4 and let you all know how it goes. (Aloma Morr.Int)

Toondoo - Comic strip Creator
- Must have an active email address to be a member ( You can choose to make work Public or Private). Easy to print off completed work.

Comic Strip Site
Yr 0 - 8
Allows students to make their own comic strips using 1 - 6 comic frames, template people, backgrounds, props & word balloons (callouts). Starts straight into it - menu choices at the bottom of screen. Can be very basic to more complicated.

Sign Site
Interpreting Signs - Great for Communication work.
(From Lyn O'Callaghan - Kimihia)

Static Images
Yr 11- 13

This is a link to a useful site on English On-line with a unit plan written by Mark Osbourne, and links to visual images.

Visual Language Exemplars
Level 1 to 5

These video clips were made by students to demonstrate different aspects of visual language.
My Year 7 and 8 class took part in the "making of these videos" including Level 5 - The Rats

Stapleless Book
Juniors - a simple book template

This is a great site for using digital images to turn into magazine covers, calendars, photo dice, badges, jigsaws, mosaics, movie posters, frames and heaps more. Very user friendly and suitable for all ages. (Dee, Orini)