Writer's Block !
Great site for senior narrative writers . Story starters and support.

untitled.JPGStory Maker - You'll Love this! - Choose characters and write your story - produced as you go in book form. Site is hosted by the Carnegie Library. Great for engaging relcutant writers. (Donna)
Save your "Magic Number" and paste it in the search box at this address to see your story agin online. http://www.carnegielibrary.org/kids/storymaker/

Free Resources - Colourful Printables, Cards to laminate etc

Assessing Surface Features -Test for Juniors skills (from abcTeach)
May be useful as a way for students to identfy own needs.

**Spellingcity** Yr 1 -8 This site allows students to type in their own personalised spelling list and choose practice activities using their words. Will say it, put it in sentences etc and test it. (Recommended by Cushla & Amy (Kimihia) & Julie (St Joes).

NZ Spelling Lists List of words at each level.

Questionaut - Interactive Quiz English, Science, Maths. Basic revision for year 4-6. (Cushla Norris -Kimihia)

Samarost& Other Flash Interactives. Excellent for ... engaging boys in problem solving, literacty lead-ins and chapter chunking. (Cushla Norris -Kimihia)

Spelling Yr 2-6
Spellbinder. This is a site developed in 'wickED' (part of TKI) for students to practise and learn commonly misspelt words. Students choose a picture, choose their key words from a list and write a story... be interested to see what you think ...

BBC-Literacy Games and Activities
This site is from the BBC website in the uk. It has a variety of Literacy skills aimed for Primary School children.

Writing Book ReviewsUseful site.

BBC Skills Wise - Great activities for grammar.

BBC Skillswise -These links (Paragraphs,Proofreading,Planning your writing and Format & Structure) - are from the
BBC Skillswise site . Links include written language fact sheets and practice activities for ...
Find out how to build sentences and organise your writing into paragraphs.

external image index.gifProofreadingIt's always worth proofreading a piece of writing to spot any mistakes you may have missed earlier.

external image index.jpgPlanning your writing
Before you start on a piece of writing it's a good idea to think about planning it.

external image index.jpgFormat and structure
Before you begin a piece of writing it's useful to think about its format and structure.