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Glad you're here.The purpose of this site is to develop our knowledge of, and access to, quality on-line education resources (recommended by colleagues). In here you will find links to sites which offer great activities for students. These have been used and recommended by teachers to support the achievement of particular learning objectives. We would like to acknowledge and thank the numerous site developers who provide these online activities free for all :).

How YOU can help

There's heaps of great material out there but it takes time to source it and spare time's a bit sparse in our profession. Most educators find the good stuff by accident or after hours of desperate coffee-fueled searching, (and we can't spend every evening perched on our swivel chairs in our knee-length socks, sandals & thick-rimmed glasses can we ?) "Some of us have lives outside teaching !" - or at least I've heard this shouted defensively in bars.
So, lets share more of our personal discoveries and recommendations and make our professional lives a little easier.
Follow the instructions below to add your links and comments. Then lean back, assured in the knowledge that your sacrifice may allow some other poor colleague another 20 mins of Coronation Street...and thanks heaps for sharing !


Here's the link straight to the wikispaces for educators site. I recommend we use this link to make sites for class use because it has NO ADVERTISING (some are inappropriate :).


How to contribute

To get started, you've got to be a member. Click on the join button (top right hand/ left hand corner and follow the instructions). An email will be automatically sent to Donna who will either ....begin an indepth investigation of your personal life & details or ... tick your name off our educators list and get back to work. You will be sent a return email - just click on the link (to acknowledge your email address is correct) and duh daah ... you're a contributing member.

Getting Started

Click on the 'edit' link on any page but this one (home page) to add content to the page. You can also comment on pages using the 'discussion' link at the top of every page. Put some ideas in there about what you're needing and what's good etc . Don't worry about making mistakes - instead of the edit undo button (which should be compulsory), you can Save Draft and have a look in Preview, before saving or ... go to 'Recent Changes" on the top bar and find a less embarassing copy to save. It's not that complicated - honest !

About This Space

This space is currently protected. It can be seen and used by EVERYONE, but only members can edit pages .

Need Heeeeelp?

Ask your handy lead teacher, or text Donna.
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